so Why nutrition?

I love everything about food - its history and how it shapes our identity and culture; its creativity and how the same dish can be translated in so many different ways; its heart and how it can bring people together, whether it be family or complete strangers.

But with all the fad diets and trends out there claiming to change your life, it’s easy to lose the joy in eating. and it’s hard to know what’s actually real, healthy and sustainable.

I believe that food should be judgement- & stigma-free and sustainable to your life. Let’s stop the blame game, the guilt and the restrictions, and let’s start loving our food again.


who am i?

I’m a registered dietitian nutritionist who believes that food is a form of self-care. What we put into our bodies affects not only our physical health, but our mental and emotional health too.

K cool. so what does that mean?

It means working to heal our relationship with food and equipping ourselves with the knowledge on how to best nourish our bodies. cause they’re the only ones we’ve got.

it also means that cutting out major food groups and/or forcing yourself to eat food you don’t even like are big “oh haaaail no’s” in my book.

because yes, while life is short, it’s also too long for you to not like your food.

(tl;dr: life is meaningless without chocolate.)

lorraine chu, ms, rdn, received her master’s degree in nutritional science from hunter college in nyc, where she also completed her dietetic internship. lorraine has experience working with all ages, from hosting nutrition & cooking classes for children in the bronx, to helping adults & seniors in brooklyn with weight issues, diabetes, gastrointestinal diease, cancer & renal failure, manage their diets.